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Unlock Your Brand's Potential with Keystone DockDogs Sponsorship!

Are you ready to dive into an exciting opportunity that not only elevates your brand but also makes a splash in the hearts of dog enthusiasts across the region? Keystone DockDogs invites you to join us as a valued sponsor for our upcoming events, creating a unique synergy that leaves a lasting pawprint in the community!

Why Sponsor Keystone DockDogs?


Engage with a Passionate Community: Connect with an audience that shares a love for dogs, sports, and outdoor activities. Keystone DockDogs events draw in families, pet owners, and thrill-seekers, offering a prime platform to showcase your brand.

Diverse Sponsorship Opportunities: Tailor your sponsorship to fit your business goals. From prominent logo placements, exclusive booth spaces, to social media shoutouts, we offer a range of sponsorship levels designed to maximize your brand visibility.

Build Meaningful Relationships: Forge connections with our vibrant community by actively participating in events. Your brand becomes an integral part of an experience that resonates with our audience, fostering loyalty and positive brand association.

Extend Your Reach: Benefit from exposure beyond event days! Leverage our marketing channels, including social media, press releases, and event promotions, to extend your brand's reach to a wider audience.

Be a Catalyst for Fun and Excitement: Keystone DockDogs events are not just about competition; they're about creating unforgettable experiences. By sponsoring, you become a contributor to the joy, laughter, and excitement that our events bring to participants and attendees.

Join Us in Creating Unforgettable Moments - Keystone DockDogs, take your brand further, higher, and faster.



  • Small banner (2'x3'), provided by the contributor, positioned on or near the dock

  • Recognition as a contributing partner on Keystone DockDogs Facebook page

  • The announcer at our events will recognize your company multiple times throughout the event



  • Medium banner (3'x4'), provided by the contributor, positioned on or near the dock

  • Distribution of products and/or information at our events

  • Quarterly Social Media Post advertising your company and/or products

  • Everything from previous level



  • Large banner (4'x5'), provided the contributor, positioned on the dock

  • 10x10 space for one of our events

  • Monthly Social Media Post advertising your company and/or products

  • Everything included from previous levels



  • Prime positioning of a large banner, on upper portion of the dock

  • Logo listed on our brochures at events.

  • 10x10 space at all our events

  • Up to four (4) tickets to our end of the year banquet

  • Everything included from previous levels

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