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Speed Retrieve

Speed Retrieve is the sprint for dogs.  A bumper is hung at the end of the pool 2” from the surface of the water.  After marking the bumper, the dog’s front paws are placed in a painted box at the 20’ mark on the dock and the handler is behind them.  Once the handler motions that his team is ready, either the lights are started or the "Set, Go" command is announced.  The dog is clocked from the green light or "go" command until the bumper is COMPLETELY grabbed from the rig.  If your dog does not have a false start and successfully grabs the bumper in under one minute, you will receive at least a participant ribbon.

Here are the rules about Speed Retrieve, you can read the full version here: 








Speed Range


< 5.99 seconds

6.00 - 6.99 seconds

7.00 - 7.99 seconds

> 8.00 seconds

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