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Fun for Everyone: Whether you're a dog lover, an adrenaline enthusiast, or a family looking for a memorable day out, Keystone DockDogs promises entertainment for all ages! Don't miss the chance to experience the joy, laughter, and sheer amazement that these incredible dogs bring to every event.

Why Choose Keystone DockDogs for Your Event:

  • Spectacular Entertainment: Our highly skilled canine athletes are trained in dock diving, including big air, extreme vertical and speed retrieve. Audiences of all ages will be captivated by the incredible feats and boundless enthusiasm of these talented dogs.

  • Versatility: Whether your event is indoors or outdoors, Keystone DockDogs can adapt to various settings and provide an exhilarating show that suits your venue.

  • Interactive Sessions: Engage your event attendees with "Try it" sessions, allowing them to experience the thrill of dock diving firsthand. It's a fantastic opportunity for pet owners to join in on the fun and create lasting memories.

  • Community Engagement: Keystone DockDogs events foster a sense of community spirit. Attendees, both two-legged and four-legged, bond over their shared love for dogs and the excitement of dock diving. 

    • The anticipation and excitement build throughout the weekend as attendees look forward to multiple performances, creating a buzz that resonates throughout the event.

How to Bring Keystone DockDogs to Your Event:

To discuss availability, pricing, and customization options, please contact us at

Please consider the following:

  1. Space: Keystone DockDogs will provide the necessary equipment, including the dock and pool.  The setup can be customized to fit the available space and logistics of your event venue.

  2. DatesA weekend format provides flexibility for scheduling, ensuring that Keystone DockDogs can adapt to the specific needs and logistics of your event. A weekend format allows for multiple shows, keeping the energy level high and providing varied entertainment for attendees.

  3. Financial support: As a 501c3 non-profit organization, your financial support helps us cover the costs associated with bringing DockDogs to your event. This includes expenses related to:

    1. Pool and rig rental from Dockdogs Worldwide

    2. Docks staff for rig delivery and set up, as well as administration of the weekend event

    3. Finals prizes and awards for competitors​​

We're here to work with you to create a tailored experience that will leave a lasting impression on your event attendees.

Don't miss the chance to elevate your event to new heights with Keystone DockDogs. Let's make a splash together!

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