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On the Calendar

Please take a look at all the upcoming fun events our club has scheduled for the year. They include club events hosted by Keystone, Practices, and other special events that may take place nearby.

Future Local Events


With three disciplines (Speed Retrieve, Extreme Vertical, and Big Air) there is sure to be fun for everyone! To learn more details about the different competitions view DockDogs 101.


Whether you are new to the sport or traveling to one of our events, we pride ourselves in creating a friendly community and welcome all dogs of all shapes, sizes, ages(over 6 Months old), and breeds. 


Check out our future events page for local Pennslvania competitions.


Keystone Practices


Due to our geographical size, we found a need to accomodate both Eastern PA residents and Central PA residents with 2 private practice locations. Each practice dock is regulation height and regulation length built into a pond.


Keystone DockDogs holds open practices throughout the season. Keep an eye on our Practice page for specific dates for both facilities. During these practices fellow members will gladly help introduce a rookie team to the dock or help refine the more advanced jumping team. It is a great time to hang out with fellow Keystone Dogs and Handlers.

If you are new to DockDogs, check out DockDogs 101 for more information on what to bring.  

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