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Big Air

Big Air is the most popular of the three disciplines available to compete in.  It is the long jump for dogs.  Dogs are given the option to use 40’ of the dock to run and jump into the pool.  Each wave provides you with two scored jumps – the best is your score for the wave.  The distance is judged where the base of the tail meets the water. In club competitions this is measured manually by two certified judges and in National competition this is measured electronically. At the end of the waves the teams are placed into the category jumped for that wave and are ranked 1st, 2nd and 3rd with all teams receiving at least a qualifier or participant ribbon with a successful jump.


These articles will give you more information and tips for jumping your dog in Big Air:

Here is a quick overview of “Big Air” rules and regulations, a full set can be found at


  • Handlers may position their dog anywhere on the dock, forward of the 40 foot line. The dogs tail may rest over the line but the remainder of the body must rest in front of the 40 foot line

  • A chase object may be used to entice the dog into the water but is not required, more than one object thrown into the pool will result in disqualification

  • Chase objects must be throwable, floatable and retrievable

  • The handler may choose to release the dog at any time, regardless of when they release the chase object.

  • The dog shall not be required to retrieve the object in order to receive a score

  • Each team gets 60 seconds on the dock from the time the dog sets foot on the dock until the dog is in motion. Dogs on the dock longer than 60 seconds will receive a TIMEOUT score

  • One dog, one handler, one toy only allowed on the dock during competition

  •  Double handling will result in a disqualification


Divisions / Titles                                               Jump Distance Range

     Novice                                                                 0'1" - 9'11"

     Junior                                                                10'0" - 14'11"

     Senior                                                                15'0" - 19'11"

     Master                                                               20'0" - 22'11"

     Elite                                                                   23'0" - 24'11"

     Super Elite                                                         25' and above


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