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Keystone DockDogs, established in 2005, has a rich history rooted in the passion for canine sports and the love of water. Originating in Pennsylvania, the organization quickly gained popularity as a premier canine aquatic competition platform. The founding members shared a common enthusiasm for promoting the physical fitness and well-being of dogs through engaging water-based activities.

Keystone DockDogs has since evolved into a prominent hub for dog enthusiasts, offering a variety of events such as Big Air, Extreme Vertical, and Speed Retrieve. The organization's commitment to fostering the bond between dogs and their owners, coupled with its emphasis on friendly competition, has contributed to its enduring success and a dedicated community of participants.

Over the years,
Keystone DockDogs has become a cornerstone in the world of canine aquatics, providing both seasoned competitors and newcomers alike with a platform to celebrate the athleticism, agility, and joy of dogs in a unique and thrilling environment.

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