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Angie Jones and Nestlè

Angie and Nestlè began their DockDogs career in August of 2004 at the Bass Pro Shop in Baltimore, Maryland when Nestlè was two years old.  Their best jump that weekend was 19’3”.  They qualified for the finals and finished in 3rd place.  Their career has spanned 10 years and has covered miles and miles of the nation from Maine to Florida, and from coast to coast.


Big Air



Extreme Vertical



Speed Retrieve

5.849 sec.


Iron Dog

2997.62 pts.



6’10” Extreme Vertical

June 19, 2005

DockDogs Eastern Regional Championship

Richmond, VA



2005 DockDogs Worldwide Hall of Fame Inductees

2006 DockDogs Sportsman of the Year

2007, 2008 & 2009 Keystone DockDogs Best Ambassador Award

2009 Angela M. Jones Leadership Award presented by the Keystone DockDogs

2011 DockDogs Global Recognition Award



2005 Eastern Regional Championship

1st Extreme Vertical

2005 ESPN Great Outdoor Games

Gold Medalist in the Launch (EV)

2005 National Championship

2nd Extreme Vertical

2006 World Championship

3rd Extreme Vertical                                          

12th Big Air Master

2007 World Championship

7th Extreme Vertical

2007 Outdoor Channel Unleashed

5th Extreme Vertical

2007 National Championship

4th place Extreme Vertical

2008 World Championship

9th  Extreme Vertical       

 8th Iron Dog

2008 National Championship

4th Extreme Vertical Top Gun                                                      

7th Iron Dog

2009 National Championship

8th Extreme Vertical Top Gun                                                       

5th Iron Dog                                                       

Big Air Master Participant                                                       

Speed Retrieve Turbo Participant

2010 World Championship

Extreme Vertical Participant

Iron Dog Participant

2010 National Championship

Extreme Vertical Top Gun Participant                                                       

Iron Dog Participant                                                       

 Big Air Veteran Participant

2011 National Championship                                                        

5th Big Air Veteran                                                       

Extreme Vertical Top Gun Participant

Iron Dog Participant

2012 Eastern Regional Championship

1st Big Air Legend                                                                      

Extreme Vertical Cadet Participant                                                                      

Iron Dog Warrior Participant                                                                      

Speed Retrieve Express Participant                                                                      

Big Air Senior Participant

2012 Canadian Championship

1st  Big Air Legend                                                         

2nd Big Air Veteran                                                         

5th Extreme Vertical Cadet                                                         

5th Iron Dog Warrior                                                          

Speed Retrieve Warrior Participant

2012 World Championship

Big Air Legend Participant                                                   

Iron Dog Warrior Participant

2013 Eastern Regional Championship

4th Big Air Legend

2013 World Championship

Big Air Legend Participant



National Fish & Wildlife Federation: DockDogs Demonstration – 2005 & 2006

DockDogs Unleashed – Outdoor Channel Media Event:  New York, NY - 2007

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