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Judith Huss and Finn

I first became interested in dock diving when my good friend, Terri Mathias, told me about all the fun her and Charmi were having doing it.  Charmi was the GREAT Dock Diving Great Dane.

I had adopted a Golden Retriever by the name of Finn about this time.  After taking him to the dog pool I  was surprised he liked jumping off the side of the pool.  Well, the wheels started turning, and after talking to Terri, I decided to try it.

The first event I entered was in Fredericksburg, Va.  Ducks Unlimited was having a big event and included dock diving.  The organization was fairly new and was not owned by Grant Reeves at that time.  We had a great time and I found all the people very helpful with ideas on how to get him to jump right away.  I was hooked!  Poor Finn, he thought "this not like the pool at home, and ALL these people!!!!!"  After a couple of jumps he went right in and loved it.  It wasn't until later he developed this little spin routine he would do at the end of the dock before jumping.

It is at this event I met Angie Jones.  Angie and Terri had met each other in Baltimore, MD at a event that was being held there.

Shortly there after there was a National event at Cabelas in Hamburg.  It was there Angie and Linda Rohrbaugh got a group of local people together to see if there was interest in starting a club.

Well, the rest is history and that is how Keystone Dock Dogs was born. 

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