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Terri Mathias and Charm

At 3 months old I wanted to take Charm to a new doggie pool that opened up 2 years earlier. I took a life vest and thought I would splash her toenails while I sat at the side of the pool and we would be on our way.  The staff came to the pool, put 2 long lines on her life vest.  She swam up, back and up again.  The long lines came off and she started swimming on her own and jumping off the side of the pool.

We then went to a DockDiving event in Elizabeth New Jersey.  I met Randy Wood there and he encouraged Charm and I to get involved in DockDiving.  He was very open to have a Great Dane involved in DockDiving even though she was not a "water dog".  It was due to Randy's encouragement that Charm and I participated in DockDogs.

Our first event was in Maryland where Charm jumped 16 feet and was " on the bubble".   Then at Cabela's in 2004, she received her Jr. Title.  After the event, we met with the future/original  members of Keystone DockDogs.  The rest is history....

Charm kept me very humble.  I never knew when/if she was going to jump off the dock. 


The suspense kept me on my toes.

Charm was also a natural.  She loved the water.  She was a warm weather jumper.  

Her personal best in Big Air was 21 feet.

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