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Codorus Blast practices June 16 - June 19

PLEASE park in the parking lot if you are

attending practices during the week!  Thanks!


In conjunction with Codorus Blast,

we'll be hosting open dock practices for the community the weeknights prior to the festival. 

Practice dates/times: 

June 16, 5:30-8pm Youth Night only- $5/team

(more information on Youth Night see flier below)

June 17 & 18, 5:30-8pm Open to all - $10/team

June 19, 5:30-8pm Open to all -$10/team (practice only)

June 19, 7pm Newbie Fun Jump - 1st time teams only -

$20 (includes practice which starts at 5:30pm)

KDD members available to assist you at these locations have nearly 30 years of combined experience competing and coaching others in the sport.


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Cabela's End of Summer Splash
Hamburg, PA
August 16-17, 2014
Register here



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Click here to watch Keystone DockDogs 2013 Video


At this year's DockDogs World Championship in Dubuque, IA, Stacey Lewis and Axle of "Team Six Pack & Two Shots of Jack" are the 2013 Top Gun Extreme vertical Champions! They won in spectacular fashion with a personal best of 7'2".  Also, Fay Fowler-Gross and Gracie qualified for the Novice finals and placed 4th behind some big jumping novice dogs! Congratulations to both teams! Keystone DockDogs is proud of your accomplishments as well as all our team members who represented our club with dignity and class.


Keystone DockDogs is the leading promotor of the fastest growing canine sport in central Pennsylvania. We are an affiliate club of DockDogs®. DockDogs® is the governing and sanctioning body of BIG AIR®, EXTREME VERTICAL®, and SPEED RETRIEVE™

Big Air is the long jump equivalent for canine athletes. At speeds over 20mph these dogs catapult themselves off the end of a 40 foot dock into a body of water to retrieve their favorite toy. Jump distance is measured from the end of the dock to where the base of the dog’s tail breaks the water. The current world records are 29’ 3" for indoor set by Baxter and a tie of 31' 0" outdoor set by Taz and Cochiti.

Extreme Vertical is a high jump contest. Man’s best friend launches upward, nearly seven feet in the air, to quench his instinctual desire to play fetch in its extremist form. Rather than clearing a cross bar like in track and field, the dogs knock down a Flappy, which is suspended over the water, eight feet out from the end of the dock. The current world records are 8' 4" set by Bo and 8' 4" outdoor set by Yeager.

Speed Retrieve tests canine quickness. Dogs are lined up at the twenty-foot mark on the dock. Handlers release their dog on the start command. Dogs then run, jump and swim to the end of the pool to retrieve a Flappy. The quickest dog to detach the Flappy wins.  The current world records are 4.442 seconds indoor set by Remi and 4.751 seconds outdoor set by Jordan.


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