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Phil Bittner, Stacey Lewis and Crew

Handlers: Phil Bittner & Stacey Lewis


Dog’s names: Axle, Benelli, Bo, Harley, Kiah, Lager, Adrian & Gizmo


Disciplines:  Axle - Big Air, EV, SR, ID

                     Benelli - Big AirBo - Big Air

                     Harley - Big Air, EV, SR, ID

                     Kiah - Big Air

                     Lager, Adrian & Gizmo are the team cheerleaders!!!


Personal best: Axle - BA 24'10"EV 7'2"SR 6.660

                          Benelli - BA 10'3"Bo - BA 25'11"

                          Harley - BA 21'6"EV 6'6"SR 7.185

                          Kiah - BA 19'1"

                          Oakley - BA 22'9"EV 6'10"SR 8.676


Most memorable DockDog moment: Axle becoming the 2013 Top Gun World Champion


Favorite Event: Codorus


Sponsorships: Nupro, Lebzelters, and The Onion Shack

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