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About Us

Who are we...
Keystone DockDogs is a non-profit club established on January 25, 2006. Membership consists of pet owners who adore their dogs and appreciate doing constructive activities with them. We are an inclusive club that welcomes pet owners of any breed type (pedigree and mix).

Mission Statement
Keystone DockDogs desires to model and educate the public to the importance of proper care, health, and safety of responsible pet ownership. It is our intent to use the opportunity to promote the sports of BIG AIR®, EXTREME VERTICAL®, and SPEED RETRIEVE™ to support local charitable causes.
Team Biographies
    Team Beau
Rod Gross



Team Chime
Fay Fowler Gross


  Team Cooper
Bob Wolgamuth

Personal Bests:

BA 21'9" 

SR 6.570 sec.

EV 6'8"

Team Emma
Deb Warner
    Team Gracie
Fay Fowler Gross

Team Jake
Gregg Warner




  Team Odinn - GWP
Marcy Hagarman






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